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Bring your intranet back to life

Let's face it:
an unused intranet is a broken intranet

If the idea of accessing information through your company's intranet strikes fear in your employees' hearts,
there's clearly a problem. Plenty of standard intranets are overly complicated, outdated, or constantly in-progress.

The Complaints?

A search function
that makes you search

Intranets are repositories for all types of content. From paid time off policies to company announcements, every update and file should be readily accessible. More often than not, finding relevant information is limited by improper tagging and a poor search function. The right solution will filter pertinent information through targeted search.

A dis-organized &
clumsy user interface

Employees expect beautiful simplicity from their intranet, or they won't use it. The user interface establishes hierarchy and can direct a visitor beyond navigation links. A disorganized architecture results in scattered information and stale content. It's best to find a solution that offers a familiar user experience so that employees, IT directors, and HR can all interact easily.

An awkward
mobile experience

Workforces are so mobile nowadays that sacrificing mobile capability just isn't an option anymore. Employees regularly access resources and information on their company's intranet outside of the physical office and outside of working hours. And when they're working from home, logging in from the road, or simply using a smartphone—they expect their intranet to keep up.

If this sounds familiar, then you have found us just in time!

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Give your intranet new life for less!

Launch a one-stop-spot for employee info, company updates,
and HR resources faster with Valo Intranets by SkyeNets.

What Is Valo Intranet by SkyeNets

A Ready-to-Go Modern Intranet built on Office 365 and SharePoint.
Valo Intranet by SkyeNets brings it all together: company news, events, alerts, and information
about your products, services and processes – it's all there.The best part- you can start using it immediately,
There's no waiting 6 months for expensive project development.

Start using it immediately

Get Intranet-ready in days not weeks. Valo Intranets by SkyeNets is ready for immediate delivery. Just pick your theme, platform, any custom requirements and add-ons and presto... Your Valo Intranet is reay for use!

Collaborate and navigate easily

Find the right person with people finder and communicate easily on social feeds – without tons of emails. Easily navigate to the workspaces and documents relevant to you. And even better, you can easily collaborate with external users too!

Your Mobile Intranet

In the end, business is all about people. Valo Intranet by SkyeNets truly goes wherever your employees go, whenever they go. Get ready for your mobile, social and productive workplace!

Built for Office 365 and SharePoint
to Microsoft Best Practices

Say Goodbye to Lengthy Migrations

With Valo Intranet by SkyeNets you can leave behind the heavy migration projects and moving content from a one outdated SharePoint version to another.

Office 365, On-Premise or Hybrid Implementations

Valo is 100% Office 365 compatible and supports on-premises SharePoint 2013 and 2016 servers.

Valo Fresh Subscription

With Valo Fresh subscription you keep your intranet evolving and always up to date. Peace of mind as a service.

Valo Intranet by SkyeNets is FULL of Features


Find out your organization's pulse by publishing and analyzing quick questionnaires on the Intranet. Get insight from your valued employees and hear their opinion!


Improve employee satisfaction by providing an internal marketplace where users can sell, buy, and donate items.

Open Job Positions

A standardized set of tools for managing your internal job market and recruiting.


Provide frequent questions and answers on the Intranet with a FAQ feature. Valo FAQ include a dynamic, user-friendly UI and question categories. Create dedicated FAQs for IT, HR, and more...

Responsive Design

All our Valo Intranet by SkyeNets themes are 100% responsive and designed with the mobile experience in mind.

Company-wide Event Hub

With using the Valo's Event Hub,everyone can keep track of upcoming internal events, trainings and conferences.

People Finder

People Finder allows your to search for your colleagues quickly from the intranet front page by name or phone number. It integrates seamlessly with SharePoint's powerful People search and Delve user profiles.


Latest Video add-on displays the latest videos from Office 365 Video portal in your intranet.

Social Hub

Social Hub gathers your company's presence in external social media on a single page on the Intranet.

Delve Blogs

Encourage your colleagues to share their insights with Delve blogging and pull the latest blog posts into the intranet.


Manage Sharepoint Workspaces and Office 365 groups with ease using the Teamwork addon.

Admin Toolpack

Find all the tools and intranet analytics in one place: Most popular Intranet pages, most unpopular Intranet pages, most popular workspaces, pending workspace orders and more...

Communicate with Yammer

Yammer is integrated seamlessly into Valo Intranet by SkyeNets, taking the role of the social component. Yammer announcements and praises are natural part of the intranet experience.

Mobile App for iOS and Android

Receive notifications about important news and events anywhere, anytime with Valo mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Add-On: Idea Management

Collect and grow new ideas to solve problems and discover new opportunities.

Add-On: Multi-Lingual

Multilingual enables you to manage your Intranet content in multiple languages. We currently support 14 languages out of-the-box.

Build an intranet that suits your needs

Different businesses have different needs. That's why Valo by SkyeNets is based on a modular approach:
It helps you to build an intranet that fits your company and the way you work.

Step 1: Pick Your Ready-made Intranet Theme
Or choose full-scale custom branding

Step 2: Choose the Size

Small Business

‹ 100 users & Non-profits


101 – 1000 users


1001 – 5000 users


› 5000 users

Step 3: Pick the features you need

Intranet Core Features

News Publishing
Event Hub
Intranet Forms
News Alerts
Open Job Positions
Quick Links
RSS Feeds
Our People Blog

+ Add-ons

Social Hub
Teamwork Hub
People Finder
Delve Blogs
Latest Videos
Admin Toolpack
Multi-lingual Intranet
Idea Management

Step 4: Project Delivery

1 Week

Rapid delivery and basic branding

4 Weeks

+ Information Architecture Workshop

8-12 Weeks

+ Migration, Governance & Launch

Step 5: Keep it Fresh

With a Valo Fresh subscription your intranet is always up-to-date and aligned with Office 365
and Sharepoint platform changes so you can concentrate on your business.

  • Get new Valo features released every three months.
  • Periodical stability and performance updates.
  • We keep your intranet up-to-date with platform changes.
  • Includes the Valo Mobile App for iOS and Android!

Want more?

Valo Intranet by SkyeNets follows standard solution architecture principles,
so we can extend and customize it to fulfill your specific needs.

Fall in lve wth your Intranet

Contact our SharePoint Experts to get started with a Demo

Over 300+ happy customers and
500,000 daily users worldwide. Join the Revolution!

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